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  • Join Us for Shabbat DinnerJoin us every week as we turn Friday night into Shabbat. Enjoy a homemade dinner filled with warm traditions that have enriched our lives for thousands of years. Please RSVP to let us know you'll be there! RSVP
  • Jewish Women's Night OutJoin together with local Jewish women for fun & inspiring social gatherings. Hosted in private homes, always with warm camaraderie, hot tea, and delicious refreshments. Read More
  • Let's Connect!We are here to help with all your Jewish needs Get In Touch!
  • Women's Weekly Tanya ClassExplore the inner workings of the soul based on the mystical teachings of Kabballah.
    Mondays @ 8:00pm
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Learning & Inspiration
  • Halachic Guidance for Gardening (in the Diaspora)Here is how we make our gardens not only physically beautiful but spiritually delightful. Read More
  • Seeing the PotentialIf the fruit is not yet growing, why do we celebrate the occasion by eating fruit? Read More
  • 10 Facts About 15 Shevat, the New Year for TreesLearn about the 15th of Shevat, the "new year" for trees, with these ten fascinating facts. Read More
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“Israel camped there by the mountain.” Exodus 19:2. Rashi, the wise teacher who teaches Torah to every Jew, hides deep treasures in his simple commentary. When Pharaoh and his entire army came chasing after us, the Torah writes only that “Pharaoh approached.” So Rashi explains that they came with one heart, as though they were a single person. First the heart, then the person. Their hearts were driven by the same greed, so they acted as a single person. When we camped before Mount Sinai, the Torah refers to the entire nation in the singular—unlike all other...